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Your Brain on Drugs

Your Brain on Drugs explores the connections between brain injury and substance use, misuse, & addiction. Tune in for short interviews with professionals as well as people with lived experience. Learn about brain injury as both a cause and effect of substance misuse.

Hosted by Liz Bradley, CRSS.

Your Brain on Drugs is a production of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona. Find out more about us at

Recorded and edited by Open Conversation.

May 15, 2021

Our first episode centers around harm reduction and active addiction. Haley Coles from Sonoran Prevention Works shares about the importance of harm reduction, as well as dives into her own personal history with addiction. Then, Liz is joined by stand-up comedian Eden Nault, who talks about his ongoing addiction to methamphetamine. We hear first-hand how the reactions of people around him have caused more harm in his life than the substance itself.