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Your Brain on Drugs

Your Brain on Drugs explores the connections between brain injury and substance use, misuse, & addiction. Tune in for short interviews with professionals as well as people with lived experience. Learn about brain injury as both a cause and effect of substance misuse.

Hosted by Liz Bradley, CRSS.

Your Brain on Drugs is a production of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona. Find out more about us at

Recorded and edited by Open Conversation.

May 15, 2021

In episode two, we focus our lens on recovery from addiction. Meghan Perez, a Peer Development Specialist at Terros Health, recounts her story of triumph over brain injury, abuse, and addiction, and how she has turned all of that into a life of positivity and helping others. Then, Liz talks with Dr. Suzanne O'Connor, a clinical neuropsychologist at Barrow Neurological Institute's Center for Transitional Neurorehabilitation. We discuss the ways in which brain injury might affect substance use and increase the risk of addiction. Dr. O'Connor shares fascinating information, learned from her expertise working as a professional in this field.